Garden Guided Tour at Boboli Garden
and Bardini Garden

Boboli Garden, apotheosis of Italian garden art, is the ideal garden guided tour for stroll lovers.

The garden oft he Medici was an opulent display of status and power, the most ambitious Medici home and garden in the city of Florence.

Let’s meander through the clipped and majestic „Cypress Avenue“ which takes you to the mysterious „Pool Island“, surrounded by lemons and ancient roses; let’s look for the fridge ancestors and the lost mazes. The rise takes you to the delightful „Knight’s Garden“, roses-studded, a riot of colours in spring. Enjoy its sublime, evergreen view over florentine hills. Let’s get lost in the „Buontalenti Grotto“ with its limestones, a true metamorphosis between artifice and nature, beloved by Francesco I, a whimsical passionate for alchemy. In its heyday, rocks, shells and quartz would have shimmered beneath cascades and jets of water. 

The Italian formal garden was born in 1549 due to Leonor de Toledo, wife of Cosimo I. How? The modern Eleonora has the answer!…

Afterwards, we will explore the Bardini Garden: the Anglo-Chinese Garden with its groves and water features laid out by Jacques Louis le Blanc; the Baroque staircase in Italianate style, flanked by statues; the ancient orchard, scented azaleas, colourful camellias and the most theatrical wisteria bower overlooking Florence.

NB: the Boboli Garden ticket includes the Bardini Garden and the Porcelaine Museum.

Boboli Garden Guided Tour and Bardini Garden Guided Tour

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