Garden Guided Tour at Settignano
and Villa Gamberaia

Settignano is a steep, craggy village, quiet difficult to reach. It has the same nature of the stonecutters who were born and lived here, like Antonio and Bernardo Rossellino, Desiderio da Settignano and Michelangelo, who spent here his childhood. Later, other artists fell in love with Settignano: the XIX century painters Macchiaioli, for example, the writer Gabriele d’Annunzio and the theatre actress Eleonora Duse.

But the pride of Settignano is the gorgeous Villa Gamberaia.

If you are garden lovers, Villa Gamberaia is the right place for you.

Villa Gamberaia’s garden is the luscious dream of the Princess Catherine Jeanne Keshko Ghyka, who transformed the garden in the late XIX century. We should be grateful to this talented lady if today we can contemplate the most impressive garden in the outskirts of Florence.

The garden guided tour will take you in the vibrant shades of the greenery: from the bowling-green, monumental in scale, to the water parterre; from the geometrical topiary to the „Belvedere“, surrounded by dark cypresses and overlooking the horizon, in the skyline of Florence and in the boundless sky of the Tuscan countryside. A wonderful palette of colours, olive-trees and rolling hills, like a living painting, will let you breathe a sense of freedom. 

The grassy turf, the wild holly oaks, the fresh and zesty yellow orangery, the long bowling green with a fine collection of azaleas, the elaborate grotto with its rococo encrustratrion, the lushness of the Nymphaeum…

Come admiring Villa Gamberaia’s garden floating from the city to the countryside in this unforgettable garden guided tour.

NB: Villa Gamberaia is a private villa. The garden guided tour should be organized in advance, after checking eventual weddings, private course and conferences. Settignano is easily accessible by bus from Florence. 

Garden Guided Tour at Villa Gamberaia


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