Your garden tour guide in Florence

Florence’s flora was always a constant thread in Florence’s history. 

It was celebrated by painters as Sandro Botticelli and stylists as Gucci and Ferragamo.

Today, I would like to propose all these garden guided tours not just to landscape architects and botanists, but to all that people who would like to escape from the present-day mass tourism and who would prefer to stand out  from the crowd. 

I promote a slow tourism, steeped in nature, more relaxed, away from the hurly-burly and far from the beaten path.

Florence is surrounded by a natural theater of verdant, lush hills, where gardens are pretty much but it’s quiet difficult to get inside them. I would like to open for you these hidden garden’s gates and discover their secrets.

„From Florence, the capital of Art and Crafts, I stole the pleasure of creating flowers... a spontaneous and natural homage to the magic of the unique Boboli Garden.“
Gianfranco Ferrè

Guided tours of the gardens of Florence

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