Garden Guided Tour at Villa La Petraia
and Castello Gardens

Close to the center, but in the silence of a lost paradise… The garden guided tour takes place in the Medici gardens.

We will visit Villa La Petraia with the frescoes by Volteranno, the statues by Tribolo and Giambologna, the romantic English landscaped park and the Italian garden with the „tulips mania“. 

Afterwards, we will meander through Castello garden, where Cosimo III of the Medici secretely grew his adored „Jasmin du Granduc“.

Let’s smell the intoxicating perfume of citrus trees… do you know the „bizzarria“ orange?

Citrus history is very ancient: oranges, lemons and citrons were already cultivated 4000 years ago in the Far-East. They were introduced in Europe by Arab and Portuguese merchants in the Middle Age. The trip from the Orient was very expansive and acclimatize the plants was extremely difficult. In order to prevent their dehydration during the trip, citrus plants were covered with clay mud and wrapped in wet fern leaves. Then, upon arrival at their destination, their roots were washed with milk and honey, like a princess!

It was a luxurious treatment for wealthy families, as the Medici dynasty, who flaunted great citruses collections in their gardens. The garden guided tour in the Medici gardens will unveil you more about Renaissance botany.

NB: Villa la Petraia and Castello’s garden are free.

Garden Guided Tour at Villa La Petraia and Castello Gardens

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