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Historical Garzoni Garden, Butterfly House and Pinocchio Park

The hamlet of Collodi is famous world-round because it was the birthplace of Carlo Lorenzini’s mother, the author of “The Adventures of Pinocchio”. Carlo Lorenzini changed his name exactly in honour of his mother’s origins. 

The hamlet of Collodi enshrines one of the most extraordinary gardens of Tuscany: the Historical Garzoni Garden. Laid out by Romano Garzoni in the 17th cent., the garden is famous for its spectacular flight of stairs edged by curious statues, amongst those funny monkeys lie.

The lower garden consists of a parterre de broderie, two circular pools rippled by water lilies, fishes, and ducks. The upper garden offers an astonishing view over the surrounding landscape: from the terrace, by climbing the water chain, you will be enchanted by the ideal embrace between the garden and Collodi hills.

We will proceed to the refreshing Grotto of Neptune, between blooming and soft meadows, to the meandering wood of holm oaks and to the most mysterious part of the garden: the “Ponte sul Rio” (the Bridge on the Rivulet). From the bridge, it is possible to glimpse the last surviving box maze of the ancient State of Lucca, and to get lost in the thicket of the bamboo forest. The small Green Theatre, clipped in box and yew, is the last stop-over of the garden: enlivened by the statues-actresses of Comedy and Tragedy, it is a refined theatrical space, near-by the inevitable statue of the Wild Boar, inspired by the Little Pig of Florence. The Historic Garzoni Garden is peopled by majestic peacocks and an uncombed crane, the true star of the fauna park.

The ticket includes the entrance to the Butterfly House, where these magical creatures coming from the tropics and the equator flutter around freely, painting a colourful flickering picture, and the entrance to Pinocchio Park

Go back to carefree childhood at Pinocchio Park with merry-go-round, carousels, theatres of puppets, game of the goose and more! Pinocchio Park spreads in a thick bamboo forest, amongst meandering walkways scattered with statues: they are the protagonists of the celebrated fairy tale. You will meet the Fairy with Azure Hair, the Fox and the Cat, and more characters… the Dogfish is certainly the biggest! Would you like to challenge his jaws? What are you waiting for?!

Before leaving, the boarding of the corsair sheep of Pinocchio is a must-do! By booking in advance, it is even possible to experience a shivering experience along the bridge on Pescia river.


Historic Garzoni Garden, Butterfly House, Pinocchio Park. All the parks are situated within a short walk from each other, in the small hamlet of Collodi, in Pescia, in the district of Pistoia.


Adults € 15,00
Reduced € 12,00 (5-14 years and over 65)
Reduced Junior € 10,00 (4 years)
FREE (children under 3)


64 Km / 40 miles
from Florence


From 9.00 am
to 6.00 pm


This guided tour is particularly suitable for children


Historic Garzoni Garden is partially accessible to disabled;
Butterfly House is accessible to disabled;
Pinocchio Park is partially accessible to disabled.

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