Guided tour at the green
lands of Mugello

The Mugello is a sort of Chianti with less vineyards and more cows.

Everybody knows this region because off the Motor Racing Circuit, situated in Scarperia, but just a few come really here.

However, the Mugello has a wild wide nature and it is the birthplace of important artists like Giotto and Beato Angelico. Some of the most ancient estates of the Medici family are here (Cafaggiolo and Trebbio) and are a prove of the interest of the lineage in this region.

The Mugello guided tour will take you to the green forests next to Barbiana and Don Milani school; the etruscan necropolis of Frascati near Dicomano; the liberty Chini Factory of Borgo S.Lorenzo; the „Giant“ sculpted by Giambologna in the Pratolino Medici Park; the Convent of S. Bosco ai Frati with the crucifix commissioned by Cosimo the Elder from Donatello; the mystic Shrine of Montesenario, amidst pines and wind…. the Mugello is a world full of alternatives!

And if we speak about food… the tipical „tortelli“ and „marroni“… well… it would be difficult to go back to Florence!!!

Forewarned is…

NB: the Pratolino Medici Park is free. It is open from April to October, on Sunday and on Saturday. Borgo San Lorenzo has a railway station; the train takes 40 minutes from Florence. For this guided tour, the full day rental of a private minivan is the best solution to enjoy the beautiful sceneries and wonderful nature of the green lands of Mugello.

Guided Tour at the green lands of Mugello


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