Private villas and gardens

We all know where the Boboli Gardens are located: it is easy to get a ticket to visit it.
But few are aware of the existence of private gardens, scattered in Florence and Tuscany, such as the Torrigiani Garden, Villa Medici and Villa Schifanoia in Fiesole, the Corsi Annalena Garden, the Budini Gattai Garden, the Corsini al Prato Garden, Villa Casagrande, the Villa di Bivigliano and many others. Several dwellings are still the abode of the historic landlords, who will be happy to welcome you and arrange private events and banquets on request.
Flora offers you an exclusive guided tour of the most inaccessible Florentine and Tuscan residences, for a tailored, unforgettable experience.

Guided Tours of Florence's Private villas and gardens

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